Transportation Webinar

CLEVELAND RESEARCH Transportation Webinar

Date: Tuesday, June 21

Time: 10a EST

Duration: 30 minutes including real-time polling and anonymous Q&A/chat

Materials: Participants will receive a 50 page slide deck and follow up results from real-time audience polling 

Cost: $250




Domestic Shipping

  • Real-time insights on demand, price, capacity dynamics (spot and contract) for all major modes 2QTD (Truckload/LTL, Intermodal/Rail, Small Parcel)
  • Outlook for volumes across modes, end-markets in 2016 – will there be an acceleration in 2H?
  • Modal conversion inflection points/trends as capacity more available currently vs one year ago; rail versus road? TL versus LTL?
  • Concerns over regulatory developments past, present, and future (ELD, Hours of Service, CSA)
  • Most interesting things we have heard in domestic shipping (fuel surcharge changes, etc)


International Shipping

  • Impact from continued ocean container overcapacity (also real-time insights on forecast peak season)
  • Price impact tied to real-time airfreight capacity and demand trends
  • Most recent SOLAS datapoints
  • Announced/potential ocean carrier consolidation and potential impact on rates/capacity
  • Idling of capacity for ocean, air and the potential market impact
  • Updates on Panama Canal, East Coast vs West Coast USA